April 20, 2011

Environmental Politics

Posted in Environmental Politics, Publications at 5:02 PM by Brian Gareau


  • The Limited Influence of Global Civil Society in the Montreal Protocol

By: Brian J. Gareau

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ABSTRACT  Governance scholars have demonstrated that the agendas, discourses, and actions of global civil society groups are affected by powerful states.  In neo-liberal globalization, powerful states push for market-based schemes to resolve global environmental problems, and civil society groups often contribute to that agenda. Through the lens of governmentality, scholars have shown how civil society acts in ways that relegitimize and sustain state power/influence at the global scale. This study illustrates how international environmental nongovernmental organizations (IENGOs) operating in the Montreal Protocol contribute to the neo-liberalization of ozone governance, in some cases changing tactics to fit the neo-liberal discourse of the treaty.  Consequently, some IENGOs have recently abandoned discourses of global environmental health, global security, and general welfare to address neo-liberal concerns of individualism, competition, and transparency in ozone politics.